Simple Seafood Recipes

Seared Ahi

When you can’t decide whether to cook your fish or eat it raw--why not do both?

This Ito family staple is fresh, simple and a crowd favorite. 

Course Main/appetizer 

Skill Level Beginner

Servings Prep Time Cook Time

4 people 20 minutes 5 minutes 


Ponzu sauce

Soy sauce ¼  c 

Lemon juice ¼ c, or 1 whole fresh lemon 

Fresh ginger 1 tbsp

Fresh ahi tuna 2lbs 

Extra virgin olive oil ¼ c 

Green onion 1 bunch 


Ponzu Sauce

  1. Squeeze 1 whole lemon  into a mixing bowl. Remove fallen seeds if necessary.   
  2. Measure out ½ c of soy sauce and add to the lemon juice. 
  3. Grate fresh ginger into the soy sauce/lemon mixture to taste. (We usually add 1 tablespoon. If you enjoy the spiciness of ginger, add more!) 

 Seared Ahi

  1. Cut fish into saku blocks, or approximately 1”x 2” strips (See 1 pound tuna breakdown video *hyperlink here*.) Cover tuna with plastic wrap and set aside.   
  2. Place a frying pan on the stove, and splash approx 1 tsp of olive oil on the pan. Turn the heat up HIGH. 
  3. When the pan and olive oil reach high heat, place a saku block on the pan. Lightly sear each side of the saku block, cooking each side for approx. 7-10 seconds. The fish will look grilled on the outside, while still holding the red freshness of ahi in the center. 
  4. Move your cooked ahi blocks to a cutting board, and slice blocks into approx. ¼” thick pieces. 

Garish & plating 

  1. Finely chop 1 bunch of green onions. Place on top of seared ahi platter. 
  2. Evenly drizzle ponzu sauce on top of platter. Serve immediately! 

Recipe Notes

In ancient Hawaii, the phrase “ahi” translates to “smoke”. Hawaiian folklore says that when the fishermen hooked a tuna, they would scream, “Ahi!” because hooked tuna would swim so quickly that the fishing line starting smoking!