Japanese Grown Fresh Wasabi

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Fresh. Please store at appropriate temperature (28-32 degrees Fahrenheit) in refrigerator, consume immediately or within one week.


  • Extremely delicate and finicky, Riviera Seafood Club's Fresh Wasabi is painstakingly farmed in Japan. Real Wasabi is one of the most difficult crops to grow, however, through years of hard work, our farms have developed a method of dependable, predictable, and sustainable wasabi.

    Riviera's Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, is pungent yet palette cleansing with a quick burst of heat, complemented by a soft paste texture when grated. Your nose will be greeted with fresh, herbal, and aromatic tones while your tongue is presented with a comfortable level of heat. Unlike the harsh notes of horseradish, mustard flour, cornstarch and green food colorant paste served at more than 95% of sushi restaurants across the U.S., our Wasabi is farmed to please you 100% of the time. Take the opportunity to surprise yourself with how real wasabi can compliment your favorite dishes.

    All orders of Japan Grown Fresh Wasabi are individually packaged and shipped using overnight express delivery. As soon as you receive your order, submerge the wasabi rhizome in water and place it in the fridge. If the water is changed every two to three days, the wasabi rhizomes will stay fresh for up to three weeks. To properly serve wasabi, you will need an adequate grater that will create a very fine paste. Wait five minutes for the full oxidation process to take place prior to serving. Grate only what you need because after twenty minutes, the wasabi will lose its heat.

    • Species: Wasabi
    • Scientific Name: Eutrema japonicum
    • Alternative Name: Japanese horseradish
    • Flavor: Pungent, yet palette cleansing with a quick burst of heat
    • Texture: Soft paste (when grated)
    • Source: Japan
    • Shipping Packaging: Fresh
  • Store in refrigerator for up to one week, or keep in refrigerator inside of container with water (changing every 2 days) for up to 2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Consuelo Diaz
Total fiasco

After paying $57.42 for FedEx Priority Overnight on December 20 for the Japanese wasabi root I am still waiting for it to arrive. Today is the 27, probably the wasabi is not safe to use, spoil. I wrote an email to the company, informing them that I am going to be traveling from the 26 to the 2nd to see what are they going to do.No response jet.

Thomas Walker
Really flavorful

Without the horseradish its so nice and smooth tasting

Susan Rodriguez
Fresh Wasabi

My 1st time having fresh wasabi. Love it so much. Packed very well for shipping. Will order again soon.

Stephen Hensley

Japanese Grown Fresh Wasabi

Kevin Robinson
Just ok

Not as flavorful as I hoped

Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, Wasabi rhizome are plant roots and do not have that typical wasabi horseradish paste kick as seen in sushi restaurants. We suggest grating and using within 15 minutes to best experience the flavor.

Brent Foster
Pacific Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro Superfrozen 8 oz Japanese Grown Fresh Wasabi

The package arrived on time, packed well and kept frozen for a few hours after delivery. Very good and fast service.

charles riley

Wasabi was good well worth the money

david tran
Fresh Wasabi

Well worth the price

Quality product!

A great company with a wide selection of quality products at reasonable prices with prompt delivery! What more could you ask for!

Felix Sutskever
Amazing quality

Was very much surprised by the the fast delivery and quality. Amazing cuts. And fresh as if it just came off the boat. Highly recommend. Will be ordering more.