Fresh Bluefin Tuna (Akami)

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  • Species: Yellowfin or Bigeye
  • Scientific Names: Thunnus albacares / Thunnus obesus
  • Japanese Names: Kihada or Mebachi-Maguro
  • Cut: Saku (Block)
  • Flavor: Distinct bold flavor with light umami
  • Texture: Semi-firm
  • Alternative Names: Yellowfin Tuna (ahi) or Big Eye Tuna
  • Source: Wild in or near USA, Marshall Islands, Panama
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Responsible: Yes
  • Shipping Packaging: Fresh
  • Sushi Grade: Yes
  • Recommended for Grilling: Yes

Wild-Caught Premium Tuna (Akami) (Thunnus albacares or Thunnus obesus) is sustainably and responsibly caught in the United States, Marshall Islands, and Panama. Upon introduction to your palate, notes of distinct bold flavor and a hint of light umami will wash over your taste buds which is complemented by a semi-firm texture. Wild-Caught Premium Tuna (Akami), called Kihada or Mebachi-Maguro in Japanese, is prepared as a sushi-grade Saku (Block) cut. It will arrive at your door fresh and ready to grill.

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