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Regal New Zealand King Salmon (Filet)

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Species: King Salmon
Scientific Names: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Alternative Names: King Salmon, Chinook Salmon
Japanese Name: Masunosuke
Cut: Filet
Flavor: Elegant balance of sweet and umami
Texture: Buttery, velvety, firm; skin-on, bones-in
Source: Farmed in New Zealand
Sustainable: Yes
Responsible: Yes
Packaged: Superfrozen
Sushi Grade: Yes
Recommended Preparation: Sashimi, Sushi, Griled or Lightly Seared


Conventional Freeze. For best results, eat properly stored frozen portions within 1-2 months of arrival.


Keep product in package, place in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes, until thawed. Pat dry with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate and consume within 24 hours.

Pro Tip: Keep product in package, defrost in running water. Once thawed, remove from package, pat dry with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate and consume within 24 hours.

The delicate texture of our fresh Regal King Salmon are reflective of the clean, cool, deep sea waters of New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds where these fish are raised. Featuring generous marbling, these delicious King Salmon are vibrant orange/red in color, with a creamy, buttery and velvety texture that melts away in the mouth.

These New Zealand Regal King Salmon are individually packaged and shipped using overnight express delivery and are perfect for sashimi and sushi, oven baking, poaching, pan-frying or grilling.

Regal New Zealand King Salmon farms are annually audited and certified by the independent Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program from The Global Aquaculture Alliance and have achieved BAP 4 stars certification for their Hatchery, Farms, Factory and Feed. They are also recommeded by Ocean Wise and received the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Green / Best Choice rating.

Time your defrost process to a couple of hours before your meal for the optimal outcome.

Yes and no. Yes, you can refreeze it for a future cooking preparation. No, if you plan on using it for raw preparation.

Yes! We suggest that most super-frozen products may be stored in a conventional freezer for up to 2 months upon usage.

The United States is late to the game... Many countries, including Japan, depend on this technology to assure minimal loss in quality and maximum gain in shelf life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gary Braverman

Very good

Regal New Zealand King Samon

This is the best Samon I’ve ever been had!
As soon as you put the Samon in your mouth, it just melts away.

jim rocco
Great texture & flavor

Enjoyed the Regal as part of a tartar made with tuna and yellowtail. Very flavorful and moist.

Alexa Gutierrez Gandara
Tasty & Convenient!

Individually packaged, frozen solid and perfect for meal prep. Defrost, season & straight into the air fryer... very happy with the quality & price!

ari adidarma
Not as I expected

Quality & taste was disappointing. Seems like it was frozen for too long.

Subpar quality is never acceptable at RSC! This feedback was given to our quality and products team for review.

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