Fresh Bluefin Tuna (Chu-Toro)

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  • Species: Bluefin Tuna
  • Scientific Name: Thunnus orientalis
  • Japanese Name: Hon Maguro
  • Cut: Saku (Block)
  • Flavor: Distinct medium-full flavor ranging from light to rich umami
  • Texture: Ranging from soft to semi-firm
  • Source: Ranched in or near Baja, Mexico
  • Sustainable: No
  • Responsible: Yes
  • Shipping Packaging: Fresh
  • Sushi Grade: Yes
  • Recommended for Grilling: Yes

Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Chu-Toro) (Thunnus orientalis) is responsibly ranched in Baja, Mexico. Every bite will greet you with a distinct medium-full flavor that ranges from light to rich umami which is complemented by a texture ranging from soft to semi-firm. Pacific Bluefin Tuna, called Hon Maguro in Japanese is prepared as a sushi-grade Saku (Block) cut. It will arrive at your door fresh and ready to grill.

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