Fresh Hirame (Olive Flounder)

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  • Riviera Seafood Club's Fresh Hirame (Olive Flounder), scientifically named Paralichthys olivaceus, is imported and harvested using the Ikejime method in farms of Korea. With every bite, your taste buds are greeted with a very mild and versatile flavor profile, complemented by a firm to semi-firm texture with the skin-off and no bones. Our Hirame, also known as Bastard Halibut or Flat Fish, is a semi-transparent to opaque white meat that pairs well with most bold sauces. Olive Flounder is prepared as a filet.

    Riviera's Fresh Hirame (Olive Flounder) is individually packaged and shipped using overnight express delivery. The versatility of Fresh Hirame will allow you to prepare it in a number of ways including sashimi, sushi, and ceviche or light searing and sauteing. It will arrive at your table within two days (one for processing, one for shipping) with the skin-off and no bones, ready to be prepared.

    • Species: Olive Flounder
    • Scientific Name: Paralichthys olivaceus
    • Japanese Name: Hirame
    • Alternative Names: Bastard Halibut, Flat Fish
    • Cut: Filet
    • Flavor: very mild and versatile, stands well with most bold sauces
    • Texture: semi-firm with a semi-transparant to opaque quality; skin-off, no bones
    • Source: Farmed in Korea
    • Method of Harvest: Ikejime
    • Packaged: Fresh (not frozen)
    • Sushi Grade: Yes
    • Recommended Preparation: Sashimi, Sushi, Ceviche, Sear, or Saute