Vermillion Rockfish

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A local favorite, Vermilion Rockfish is commonly, yet incorrectly, referred to as snapper, athough very similar. Caught off the California coast at about 100-500ft depths, Vermillion Rockfish have the perfect flavor and texture for ceviche and are delicious breaded and fried, sauteed, or prepared on a grill with your favorite herbs and spices!

Vermillion Rockfish have a delicious, yet mild flavor profile with a clean, flaky texture making this an extremely versatile fish everyone will love!

Vermilion Rock Cod has a “Good Alternative” rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Choose from filet or Butsugiri (cubed/diced)

Time your defrost process to a couple of hours before your meal for the optimal outcome.

Yes and no. Yes, you can refreeze it for a future cooking preparation. No, if you plan on using it for raw preparation.

Yes! We suggest that most super-frozen products may be stored in a conventional freezer for up to 2 months upon usage.

The United States is late to the game... Many countries, including Japan, depend on this technology to assure minimal loss in quality and maximum gain in shelf life.

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jim rocco
Very fresh fish

We tried the Vermillion Rockfish and prepared it as a crudo. For crudo it needs to be sliced paper thin, and its flavor goes very well with lime zest. Next time we'll cerviche it with lime juice, and zest.