Japanese Grown Fresh Wasabi

  • Riviera Seafood Club's Fresh Wasabi, scientifically named Eutrema japonicum, is painstakingly farmed in Japan. Real Wasabi is one of the most difficult crops to grow. Through years of hard work, have developed a method of dependable, predictable, and sustainable wasabi. 

    Riviera's Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, is pungent yet palette cleansing with a quick burst of heat, complemented by a soft paste texture when grated. Your nose will be greeted with fresh, herbal, and aromatic tones while your tongue is presented with a comfortable level of heat. Unlike the harsh notes of horseradish, mustard flour, cornstarch and green food colorant paste served at more than 95% of sushi restaurants across the U.S., our Wasabi is farmed to please you 100% of the time.

    All orders of Japan Grown Fresh Wasabi are individually packaged and shipped using overnight express delivery. As soon as you receive your order, submerge the wasabi rhizome in water and place it in the fridge. If the water is changed every two to three days, the wasabi rhizomes will stay fresh for up to three weeks. To properly serve wasabi, you will need an adequate grater that will create a very fine paste. Wait five minutes for the full oxidation process to take place prior to serving. Grate only what you need because after twenty minutes, the wasabi will lose its heat.

    • Species: Wasabi
    • Scientific Name: Eutrema japonicum
    • Alternative Name: Japanese horseradish
    • Flavor: Pungent, yet palette cleansing with a quick burst of heat
    • Texture: Soft paste (when grated)
    • Source: Japan
    • Shipping Packaging: Fresh
  • Store in refrigerator for up to one week, or keep in refrigerator inside of container with water (changing every 2 days) for up to 2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product!

A great company with a wide selection of quality products at reasonable prices with prompt delivery! What more could you ask for!

Felix Sutskever
Amazing quality

Was very much surprised by the the fast delivery and quality. Amazing cuts. And fresh as if it just came off the boat. Highly recommend. Will be ordering more.

What a bonus!

One stop shopping, what a treat to be able to order some real wasabi root along with your sushi grade fish! Excellent

H Peter Doble
Great Wasabi

A most excellent product. Fresh and wonderful. I'll buy this again and would recommend it to you without reservation.

Noreen Talley
Dont forget the fresh Wasabi

My son's first time having fresh Wasabi- said it was amazing and a must must must if you are ordering fish!