Wild-Caught California King Salmon

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  • Riviera Seafood Club's Wild-Caught California King Salmon, scientifically named Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, is the largest as well as the most sought-after of the salmon family. Each King Salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, is caught in the waters off of California. Enjoy a delicious blend of rich, buttery flavors complimented by a sophisticated, tender, and flaky texture. Our Ora King Salmon are sustainably certified by the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) as well as recommended by Ocean Wise and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

    Through sustainable husbandry practices and a quarter century of breeding expertise, only a select few New Zealand King salmon are hand selected to be branded "Ora" King Salmon by a master grader. Every Ora King Salmon is individually numbered for traceability and is best enjoyed as sushi or sashimi. Our Ora King Salmon is harvested every morning guaranteeing the quality of your fish.

    All orders of Wild-Caught California King Salmon are individually packaged and shipped using overnight express shipping. If you are intending to consume the seafood raw, do not freeze as this will ruin the integrity of the fish. We guarantee that our fresh New Zealand Ora King Salmon is the best quality that you can find.

    • Species: Salmon
    • Scientific Names: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
    • Alternative Names: King Salmon, Chinook Salmon
    • Japanese Name: Masunosuke
    • Cut: Filet
    • Flavor: Rich, fatty and buttery
    • Texture: Tender, flaky texture
    • Source: Troll line caught wild from California
    • Sustainable: Yes
    • Responsible: Yes
    • Shipping Packaging: Fresh
    • Sushi Grade: No
    • Recommended for Grilling: Yes
  • Frozen:

    Arrives as a 8 ounce frozen and vacuumed sealed portion. Once thawed, this may be eaten immediately, or up to 24 hours raw. After 24 hours, we suggest cooking your portion. You may store this in the refrigerator for 3-5 days after thawing. Our portions are frozen at -35 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-7 days prior to point of sale/delivery. To store for later use and for best results, we suggest immediately putting in freezer, which may store for up to 4 months.


    Arrives in a 8 ounce or 1, 2 or 4 pound fresh portions, wrapped in food-grade absorbent paper, then in an individualized loin bag. Fresh Ōra King can be stored in the refrigerator for sashimi use immediately upon arrival. Unlike other species of salmon/salmonoids, the King Salmon from this specific farm is naturally parasite-free. For raw consumption, eat within 1-2 days. Any longer, the portion will be searing, poke, or cooking grade.

    You can also freeze these portions immediately upon arrival and store for up to one week for sashimi use or 10 days for poke, searing, and cooking preparations, (keep in mind that freezing sashimi grade fish does slowly diminish the quality of the meat as the cell membrane is not well maintained in conventional home freezers). For best results, eat properly stored frozen portions within 1-2 months of arrival.

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