Pacific Bluefin Tuna Otoro

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Species: Bluefin Tuna
Scientific Name: Thunnus orientalis
Japanese Name: Hon Maguro
Cut: Saku (Block)
Flavor: Full rich flavor with very high umami
Texture: Soft and buttery; skin-off, no bones
Source: Ranched in or near Baja, Mexico
Method of Harvest: Ikejime
Sustainable: No
Responsible: Yes
Packaged: Fresh (never frozen) or Superfrozen
Sushi Grade: Yes
Recommended Preparation: Sashimi or Sushi


For Fresh Bluefin Tuna (never frozen): Fresh Bluefin Tuna can be stored in the refrigerator for sashimi use immediately upon arrival. For raw consumption, eat within 1-2 days. Any longer and the tuna will become searing, poke, or cooking grade. You can also freeze these portions immediately upon arrival and store for up to one week for sashimi use or 10 days for poke, searing, and cooking preparations (keep in mind that freezing sashimi grade fish in a conventional home freezer diminishes the quality of the fish. Rule of thumb-- eat it while it's fresh!

For Superfrozen Bluefin Tuna: Superfrozen Bluefin Tuna can be stored in a conventional home freezer for approximately 1.5 weeks before oxidation occurs (change in color).


Place superfrozen product in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes, until thawed. Remove the portion from the plastic, pat dry and wrap with our white butcher paper provided. Cut and enjoy within 24 hours.

Bluefin Tuna Otoro is prized around the world for its buttery soft, umami flavors and extremely delicate features. Our Bluefin tuna are responsibly caught in the wild, and then ranched in the pristine waters of Baja by Bluefiná. Each and every Bluefin is harvested to order, always utilizing the Ike Jime method to maximize flavor and texture. 

Otoro is the belly cut the Bluefin Tuna featuring intense fat marbling resulting in a rich, melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavor and tenderness not found with any other fish. With each bite your palate is pleased with waves of full and rich umami flavor, complemented by a soft and buttery texture. These cuts are typically only found at highest-end sushi bars.

Each piece is perfectly cut as a Saku (or Block), individually packed and shipped using overnight delivery to your door.


Note: It is common practice to inject carbon monoxide in Bluefin Tuna to prevent a change in color after long storage. We DO NOT agree with this method and NEVER inject our bluefin tuna with carbon monoxide.

Time your defrost process to a couple of hours before your meal for the optimal outcome.

Yes and no. Yes, you can refreeze it for a future cooking preparation. No, if you plan on using it for raw preparation.

Yes! We suggest that most super-frozen products may be stored in a conventional freezer for up to 2 months upon usage.

The United States is late to the game... Many countries, including Japan, depend on this technology to assure minimal loss in quality and maximum gain in shelf life.

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Shannon Wilkes

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Otoro

Roger Bingham
Best decision to get this!!!!!

The fish is amazing!!! Order it, don’t think about it

Andres Arauz

Great very happy with the fish

Ryan Milligan

On time, fresh, delicious!!!

Zack Roza

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Belly (Otoro)

Great quality, Worth it

Although its frozen, still have fresh taste

Richard Kessler
One of the few places in the US where one can get BFT

and the Otoro is great

Sidney A.
Fresh Otoro

This was my first time ordering from Riviera Seafood Club and I'm glad I did. My order of Otoro and Akamei got to me as promised in perfect condition. All I can say is Five Stars for product and
service. I will order again thank you, thank you,thank you.

Lichao Xu

Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly (Otoro)

Michael Purvin

First time customer here. I received my package today with otoro, hamachi and salmon. I ate the otoro today and all I can say is wow. Some of the best fish I’ve ever had for sushi. This is better then the sushi restaurants in nyc I’ve eaten at. Totally worth it. I will definitely order again!