Buttery, tender, and responsibly sourced, the Bluefin Tuna is the most prized fish in the ocean. Select your favorite cut from one of our responsibly sourced Bluefin Tunas harvested every morning.



Known in the industry for our fisherman heritage, we strive to lead the path for future generations of responsible fish mongers.

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Impressive Entrees Begin with Impressive Ingredients

With this in mind, Riviera Seafood Club focuses on quickly and efficiently delivering clean, fresh and sustainable meats and seafood to your door. We are determined to empower chefs, families and foodies with the confidence to know the source and quality of their ingredients.

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"...They take their craft extremely seriously, waking up at 4 in the morning every day to ensure that everything in their operation is done right. They've got full control over every phase of their operation, and it truly shows."

-Ryan M.

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Buy fresh fish online and have it delivered to your door!

For decades, the Ito family has been providing well-known and distinguished sushi and seafood restaurants in Los Angeles with our high quality meats and seafood. However, through our online store and the restructuring of our distribution model, we are now able to deliver high-quality seafood directly to your door.

1. Place Your Online Order

Choose from our painstakingly curated traceable sources of high-quality meats & seafood from around the world.

2. We Process and Ship

Every morning, our skilled butchers and handlers process all orders from 500 pound Bluefin Tunas to our small, delicate uni.

3. Enjoy!

Each package is delivered overnight in refrigerated packaging guaranteeing your order arrives on time and fresh.

From the Ito family to yours, we hope you enjoy the seafood we strive so hard to deliver to you fresh, everyday.

From the Ito family to yours, we hope you enjoy the seafood we strive so hard to deliver to you fresh, everyday.