Pacific Red Snapper, Whole

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  • Pacific Snapper, is sustainably farmed in open-ocean mariculture pens in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of La Paz, Mexico. Snapper has a semi-soft texture and clean mild flavor with a slight nutty finish. Each fish is de-finned, gilled and gutted with the head and tail intact. 

    All orders are individually packed and shipped using overnight express delivery. Our Pacific Snapper will be delivered to your table in two days (one day for processing, one day for delivery).

    • Species: Pacific Red Snapper
    • Scientific Names: Lutjanus peru
    • Whole, Gilled and Gutted
    • Flavor: Mild oceanic flavor, slightly nutty
    • Texture: Semi-soft
    • Source: Farmed in La Paz, Mexico
    • Method of Harvest: Ocean net pens
    • Sustainable: Yes
    • Responsible: Yes
    • Packaged: Fresh (not frozen)
    • Sushi Grade: No
    • Recommended Preparation: Cooking by pan fry, steam, roasting, poaching, deep fry.

Customer Reviews

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The order arrived well pack and still frozen after the long haul. I wish I’ll be able to get the fresh not frozen snapper next time. I will order again in the future with out hesitation. Good job Rivierra.


Super fresh and not fishy tasting. We just steamed in the microwave for 5 min w onions and ginger the poured hot oil and soy over it. Delicious! Thank you for always supplying the freshest seafood for all our holiday gatherings.

Charles Lulley
A perfect Fish---

My Fish.....arrived ...perfectly wrapped and scaled...gutted and cleaned. After rinsing it off appeared as fresh as if caught hours before. I love red snapper and like to cook it very simply as on a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean. For this I simply roasted over a fire searing the outside skin.....Not wanting to ruin the very delicate flavor of the Fish.I made a creole sauce with Okra and peppers etc...very spicy to accompany the fish as a side. Simple white rice. Of course some Quintessential maduro Plantains Baked as opposed to frying...the meal needs something sweet on the side. I have also used a good indian Chutney when no Plantains. For the fish..I peeled off the burnt skin and drizzled the white meat with a bit of lime......salt and pepper....bueno probecho...that's as good as it gets with out flying somewhere.