About Riviera Seafood Club

Our Vision: Delivering quality experiences that bring people together, guaranteed.
Our Mission: Making responsible sourced protein accessible.





Riviera Seafood Club is an Ito family-run business, bridging the gap between the water and your table.

It all started when the Ito kids were in high school and were delivering fish to the local families of the Hollywood Riviera in Socal's Southbay.  Close friends and family were consistently impressed with the quality they were receiving and the word of mouth spread from there.  During those days, the Riviera Seafood Club was run initially by the eldest sibling Matt, then passed down to Claire, Blake, and finally Mica.  Once Matt graduated college, he began working in his father's seafood importing company and wanted to create a way to deliver the seafood experience to more family and friends.  After some time, it became apparent there was a need for this service and the Riviera Seafood Club website was created and launched in July, 2019.  Since then, it has been a constant development to improve and deliver quality seafood experiences to all types of seafood users.

We deliver straight to your door using expedited delivery services and package our products to withstand up to 48 hours of temperature fluctuation.

As the second generation of Southern California fish mongers, RSC strives to make farm-fresh, top-quality seafood accessible for the everyday gourmet.  We want to be the best quality product that you can't find anywhere else at great prices!

All of our product is hand selected and vetted for quality, responsible sourcing and practices, and arguably the most important: TASTE!  We take pride in all of our products, so if it's on our website, it's what WE eat.

Freshly caught or harvested to order, we responsibly source each and every product and deliver direct to your doorstep.