A5 Japanese Wagyu Thin Sliced Beef

  • Riviera Seafood Club's A5 Japanese Wagyu Thin Sliced Beef (16 oz Tray), scientifically named Kuroge washu, is imported directly from farms across Japan by Zen-Noh, a Japanese collective. With every bite your palate is blessed with the legendary umami flavor blended with an intense buttery finish. This luxurious flavor profile is complemented by a soft to semi-firm texture. A5 Japanese Wagyu Thin Sliced Beef is the highest quality Japanese Wagyu you can buy.

    Japan's beef grading scores range from A1 to A5 depending on the amount of intramuscular fat content marbling the sliced beef with this particular cut of beef scoring an unprecedented A5 grade that will mesmerize any meat lover. This sliced beef traditionally has the perfect blend of fat to meat content but as an A5 graded Japanese wagyu thin sliced beef, it has an intense amount of marbling. Not an American hybridized cross, our A5 thin sliced wagyu is highly sought out by chefs and Japanese beef fanatics.

    We highly recommend serving this either cooked as shabu shabu, pan seared, or yakitori. Finish with light salt or your favorite soy sauce! All orders of A5 Japanese Wagyu Thin Sliced Beef, called simply "Wagyu" in Japanese, are individually packaged, frozen, and shipped using overnight express delivery.

    • Species: Wagyu
    • Scientific Name: Kuroge washu
    • Alternative Name: Japanese Black Cattle
    • Cut: Thinly sliced ribeye cut
    • Flavor: Legendary umami flavor with an intense buttery finish
    • Texture: Soft to semi-firm
    • Source: Japan
    • Shipping Packaging: Frozen
    • Sushi Grade: Yes
    • Recommended for Grilling: Yes
  • Arrives frozen. Store in freezer for up to 3 months. Once thawed, store in refrigerator for up to 3-5 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jon Kim
Almost like butter

It just melt in your mouth... almost like butter.

Make sure not to over cook, 10 seconds, that's all you need.

Martin Gerber
Flavor Supernova

This was my first time trying true Japanese Wagyu.
At the price I was hesitant to even try it.
Meat arrived frozen and vacuum sealed. After trying the 1st slice my wife and I were instantly hooked. Ensure to have your favorite steak seasoning before trying. TheSpicehouse.com has incredible blends of seasoning which will let you experience a flavor supernova.
8oz were plenty to enjoy for dinner for the 2 of us.