Binchotan King Salmon Yakitori Skewers

Binchotan King Salmon Yakitori Skewers

A “Yakitori Style” New Zealand King Salmon bbq skewers. This recipe is smokey, fresh, full of flavor and excellent when shared with friends and family.

By far, our new favorite way to bbq! With a smooth smokey flavor and a melt in your mouth texture, this King Salmon was heavenly. Not to mention, the Binchotan coals are a must. With consistent hot temperature, distinct clean smokey flavor, and very little issues with excess smoke, these coals were perfect. Not to mention, the ponzu sauce is an essential pairing when cooking with fish with high fat content. Overall, this preparation was simply amazing and we highly recommend it!

Course: Main
Skill Level: Beginner

2-4 people
Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
25 minutes

You will need: a cutting board, sharp knife, clean rag, metal skewers, yakitori grill.



To prepare Ponzu Sauce:

  1. In a medium size bowl, mix the lemon juice, soy sauce and ginger together.

To prepare simple Salmon Skewers:

  1. Start by cutting both the King Salmon and the green onions into 2-3 inch skewering portions.
  2. Take the cut portions and place them on the skewer (Ex: Salmon, Green Onion, Salmon, and Green Onion)
  3. Light up the Binchotan coals (Hot tip: Get a metal coal basket to heat coals on stovetop)
  4. Carefully place the heated coals into the grill beds below
  5. Now it's time to place the skewers down on the grill
  6. The skewers will begin to smoke up and release tons of oils from the bottom side closest to the flame. At this point, be sure to flip the skewers so the rendered fat keeps dripping back onto the fish.
  7. Be sure to fan all the smoke being released from the fish back onto the skewers to get the max smokey flavor.
  8. Once the skewers are all the way cooked through, remove the skewers and place into a shallow bowl of ponzu sauce.
  9. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

➔ This recipe can be made with any of our products. We love using our A-5 Wagyu, Chutoro, or Striped Bass.
➔ Feel free to adjust the ratio of spices and ingredients to your liking.
➔ Don’t over think this recipe and just go for it : )

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