Fresh Seafood

Riviera Seafood Club delivers fresh, high-quality seafood overnight including Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, Rock Cod, Kampachi and more direct from our sources to your door. We focus having direct relationships with our fisherman and farms around the world to ensure you can trace your responsibly wild-caught or sustainably farmed seafood back to the source.

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Japanese A5 Wagyu

Riviera Seafood Club delivers authentic, A5 Japanese Wagyu overnight including A5 Ribeye wagyu, A5 New York wagyu and A5 wagyu beef strips from our cattle farmers to your door. Partnering with the Zen-Noh Collective, we have direct access to black beef cattle farmers throughout Japan to guarantee you will love our real Japanese Kobe Beef with A5 certification.

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Real Wasabi

Extremely delicate and finicky, our sustainable wasabi features a fresh, herbal & aromatic flavor with a bit of heat unlike the "horseradish and green food colorant" paste served at more than 95% of sushi restaurants. Take the opportunity to surprise yourself with how real wasabi can compliment your favorite dishes.

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