Chirashi Bowl 101 | Crafting the Perfect Sushi Chirashi Bowl!

Chirashi Bowl 101 | Crafting the Perfect Sushi Chirashi Bowl!

Are you craving a culinary adventure? Well, you're in luck! Dive into the delicious world of sushi with our latest video tutorial: "Crafting the Perfect Sushi Chirashi Bowl!"

In this video, we're teaming up with Blake, an Ito family member from, your source for premium, top-quality sushi-grade seafood.

In this delicious episode, we'll guide you step-by-step through the art of creating a the perfect sushi chirashi bowl. From selecting the freshest fish to mastering the artful arrangement of our fresh seafood and other ingredients, this video is your passport to sushi mastery. Whether you're looking to impress your taste buds or impress your bae, this chirashi bowl will get the job done! 🍱🍣

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Video Transcript:

"Come on, come on, come on! Stop what you're doing, guys! You need to watch this video! We're going to make a chirashi bowl for Bae...

Alright, let's do it!

Alright, let's make our Chirashi bowl. To start, we're going to need our Oishi Pack. The Oishi Pack is our Riviera Seafood Club favorite for our group packs. And then we have our blue shrimp we're going to add on, and we're also going to add some ikura. This is the Oishi Pack right here, and these are the two add-ons.

Let's ice bath the fish. Come over here, come check out some of this fish I've got going on starting with our bluefin tuna akami, that's going in our ice bath. We like a nice cold ice bath with our Hamachi Saku 4 ounce. Then we've got our bluefin tuna Chu-toro. This is our little fatty / nice and lean piece right there, a nice mix hybrid. And then we've got our skinless Bakkafrost salmon.

We're going to leave these bad boys inside here for like 30 minutes, maybe 35 minutes. They should be fully thawed out. Don’t forget about these guys, they guys are still a bit frozen. So, we're going to put these inside the fridge and probably around 30 minutes or so these also will be ready to go.

And then last but not least, just keep that ikura nice and cold and beautiful. We've got two more minutes, two more minutes left until our fish is thawed out for our slicing.

But in the meantime, let's do this guy right here. We have our blue shrimp. So, I'm going to take this blue vein out of here on the underside belly and then backside. So, to do so, I'm going to start on the underbelly and I'm going to just cut right here like that. You see that right there? Oh wow, super blue. Let's go another one right here, heel all the way over, like that. Let's go right here. Looks like there's… some of these don't really have too much poop vein on them.

Now that we're done with these guys, time to slice the fish!

We have a new set, as you can see because we have done all the beautiful couture monts. I know this is thawed out and perfect. It's a little semi-firm, but I can still feel that there is definitely no ice or any kind of frozen contents to it.

We're back to it, now we're going to actually put some paper towels on top of our beautiful, beautiful Riviera Seafood Club shri... not shrimp, this is definitely not shrimp, this is fish. We're pad drying it, we're not squishing it, we're not beating it down. We are very gently, with very minimal touch. Alright, boom, nice and dry.

One thing too, we got our ice tray right here. Always make sure to have an ice tray ready so we can keep it cold, cold, cold. It's time to slice our fish.

This is our Bakkafrost skinless salmon. Nice and easy. I'm going to start with my knife here. This is probably going to be easiest if I just, you know, go right down the middle, one smooth just stroke right there or a swipe. You should be a pro at this after doing it one time with the Oishi Pack. Alright, so that's all cut up like that. We get our knife underneath it and let's just set it up here.

This is our Hamachi. Our Hamachi comes with the skin on and bloodline still in, so we're going to take the bloodline out and the skin off in one swipe, there, like that. So, that's pretty much all of it. And then we got a little more there. Same thing as last time, we're just going to do a nice clean one solid push through and one from the tip to the heel... tip to the heel.

Our next fish right here, this is our beautiful akami, so akami, this one's such a fun one to cut. Don't ask me why, I feel like this is a fun one to cut but it just cuts like butter.

Oh yeah, one thing too... make sure your knife has to be sharp... knife has to be sharp.

This next one right here, we have our Chu-Toro. This is our Bluefin tuna from Mexico and specifically it's from Bluefina. Shout out to Bluefina! Best Bluefin on the whole Market!

All right, let me wipe my clean, clean, clean, clean surfaces, in addition to keeping it nice and cold, always clean. Right on the heel and it's just one pull all the way through and then with the tip, you know, kind of pressing down, just not heavy pressure, you're going to keep your fish ON the board. Typically, if you go right here and you do one cut like that, if you kind of pull more with the full blade you're going to just pull the fish away from the board, but if you do a little bit of the tip action, you know for sure your fish is going to stay there.

Alright guys, we have our rice. This is our sushi rice it's placed inside our vehicle here, so now let me show you the greenery we got. So, we have our shiso leaf, we have our cucumber curls, our serrano pepper, and our beautifully fresh sprouts. So, what we're going to do with these guys is on each corner basically set up a little guy like this.

Let's do it, let's get a couple of these guys right here, a couple of these curls right here. I'm going to place it also on this corner right here, work upside down. We have our curl right here.

You need a pretty leaf for a pretty individual like yourself.

This is also just, you know, a dish that you can definitely make for yourself, you don't have to make it for anybody. It is what I ate like 2 weeks ago... by myself.

Let's do a couple more slices on that guy right there.

So now we got their little curls, let's put the curls on there. Let's go right there like this, one... two... Here, and let me add one more Chu-Toro to this one.

I totally forgot, never ever ever plate something with four sashimis, it is a deathly number in Japan so don't do that.

Here we go and then one more, boom, five, right there perfect.

This is our Japanese Hamachi. Put a one... put two... and then let's do one more... three. Alright, really it's up to your own interpretation on this one, so for me I got a little action going on there and now we're going to put our shrimp right here, this blue shrimp. Going to put the first one... let's do it right there like this... and then we get the second one in the right there.

Now we're going to put our Ikura into it right there... make sure you get a nice dollop of it because everybody loves ikura.

Yellowtail, we got the yellowtail with the little serranos on there. That spice is good for that.

This is our first chirashi Bowl already done."

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