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Niigata Koshihikari Rice

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Brand: Shinmei
Origin: Niigata, Japan
Ingredients: rice
Size: 4.4 lbs (2kg)

Niigata Prefecture is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. With the Sea of Japan to the West and majestic mountains encompassing the other three sides, the region's peaceful landscape is adorned with verdant rice fields. Known across Japan for its bountiful rice harvest, Niigata is especially renowned for Koshihikari, a variety of rice cherished for its delectable taste.

Thanks to the fertile soil of the Echigo Plain, substantial temperature differences between day and night, and pure melting snow that nurtures the rice paddies, Niigata's rice flourishes in an idyllic natural environment. Koshihikari, in particular, thrives in this setting, developing into a robust and savory rice with a delicate sweetness that sets it apart.

When freshly prepared, Koshihikari exudes an enticing aroma, has a fluffy texture, and is so delicious that it can be enjoyed on its own straight out of the rice cooker.

Usage: All around uses including sushi rice, steamed, frying, etc. We recommend using an automatic rice cooker.

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    Gabriel Lucca
    The best sushi rice I ever bought