Yarra Valley Atlantic Smoked Salmon Pearls

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Yarra Valley Caviar’s Smoked Salmon Pearls

Yarra Valley Caviar’s Smoked Salmon Pearls are an innovative style of roe preparation used by Chefs worldwide. The roe is expertly brined for 72 hours using smoked red gum salt, followed by cold smoking using a local Mountain Ash hard wood. The result is mild, sublime smokey flavour that bursts in your mouth.

This roe is humanely harvested with no antibiotics or chemicals, allowing the fish to spawn again year after year. Responsibly produced in Yarra Valley, Australia by Yarra Valley Caviar.

Located at the base of the Rubicon Valley in rural Victoria, Yarra Valley utilizes all natural processes when milking the Atlantic Salmon, providing an all organic, high quality roe. To view their sustainable milking process, click here

  • Species: Atlantic Salmon
  • Scientific Name: Salmo salar
  • Cut: Tin 1 oz
  • Flavor: Medium smoky
  • Texture: Burst in your mouth
  • Source: Australia
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Responsible: Yes
  • Shipping Packaging: Frozen
  • Sushi Grade: Yes
  • Recommended for Grilling: No

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Gary Larson

delicious, but too small voume for the cost.

Jam Zovein

more please